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A Tip for Student Who Will Studying Chinese


A Tip for Student Who Will Studying Chinese

As the most improving country in the world, is becoming world’s business center. As the most improving country, China become industry’s target to improve their market. Many people go to China to do a business with Chinese. Of course to make a business in china or to a business with Chinese, should be learn Chinese language. As a biggest population country, China would be huge market for any industry. So learning Chinese language is must. And so possible in the future Chinese would be second International language like English. People who want to go to China learn Chinese language, growing every year. For a student who want to learn Chinese effectively, there is a smart tips for you. Chinese people are people who always like to learn. They like to learn others culture. Foreigner student could go to local university in China to search a local students. They always welcome to foreigner. You could make a contact with them and offers to teach them English or your mother language. So we could do exchange language lesson, They teach you Chinese language and you teach them english or others language. With that method you could learn faster and also learn their culture. Actually learn Chinese language not just learn to read or speak Chinese language. More important is we could learn their cultures. If we could adapt with their culture, we could do a business with them

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